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We are glad to announce the availability of the DISCUSS platfom.

Alpha tests started in January 2015.

The CoP architecture rests on three pillars: information section, collaborative workspaces and social network. The information section holds information and news compiled from relevant project websites. CoP members receive automated, personalized project information according to the interests and preferences indicated in their member profile. The collaborative workspaces offer a variety of rich tools for asynchronous and synchronous communication, which can be used to identify, explore, discuss or develop concrete activities with regard to an issue or problem of common interest. The social network supports the building of personal relationships (and trust) between the members, with a view to the animation of social life and further evolution of the community after the completion of the project. The platform adopts advanced user management, offering a variety of social functions, as well as a sophisticated moderation concept, which is realized on three levels: professional CoP moderators, who take care of the whole community and do actively support the creation of excitement and animation, CoP thematic moderators, who are „thematic matter experts“ in the domain of the CoP and CoP assistants, who do support the communities in using the DISCUSS infrastructure and tools.

The development of the DISCUSS online platform is based on clear design principles and sound definition of the project workflow, both of which give the development process direction and focus. As for the development of the CoPs a workflow method is being employed, which allows for a convenient and effective way of development. DISCUSS builds on open source software, frameworks and platforms offering advanced programming interfaces (API), which allow for the creation of open architectures for sharing content and data between communities and applications, and content that is created in one place can be dynamically posted and updated in multiple locations on the web. Moreover, DISCUSS adopts modern design technologies, such as media queries and fluid grid design, and craft interfaces, allowing the participation in CoPs on wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Snapshots of alpha version:





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