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The background report comprises key results from a series of interviews, conducted with actors and stakeholders of European Communities of Practice

A fundamental condition for the building of successful CoPs is a good understanding of the internal and external conditions of the functioning of CoPs. In order to create a stable knowledge base for all following project activities, the partnership conducted desk and field research on the current situation of CoPs, which have emerged from the LLL program (including a series of interviews with CoP users). The aim was to make visible pathways of development, intervention schemes, tools used etc. in order to learn from the lesson. The results and findings were documented in a joint background report, which is available from the DISCUSS project website: In the interviews we applied a "storytelling" approach, which should support the identification and analysis of criticial incidents, appearing in those Communities of Practice. The sample of critical incidents later on was analyzed with regard to their meaning for personal development, the evolution of skills and competences, the social relationships of the community members, and the long-term impact they may have on the professional careers of the actors involved. The research revealed the critical success factors of those communities, and delivered good practice towards the building of the DISCUSS online communities.


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  • DISCUSS background report on communities of practice



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